Hello, and welcome to Glenn Geissinger for Congress. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about my congressional campaign.

Matt Cartwright has voted time and time again to put Americans at risk, support radical terrorists, stifle jobs, protect the bureaucracy and enlarge the power of Washington, D.C. These failed democratic policies have weakened us as a peoples and a nation and have brought a stagnant economy and crushing tax burden to the 17th district.

I am committed to reversing these policies and giving a voice back to the people. As your congressman, I will bring true representation back to the citizens of Pennsylvania’s 17th Congressional District.

I am running with the hope of providing my children with what my parents provided me – a better America with each generation. To ensure this America, we must all learn to love our country, work hard, care about our neighbors and play by the rules again.

If I can help bring our great nation back to these principles, then my time in Congress, however long that is, will be a success.


Thank you for supporting Geissinger for Congress.