Bethlehem St Patrick’s Day Parade 2016
With my son Noah at the St Patrick’s Day Parade
Speaking to the Monroe County Republican Women
Campaign Staff- Executive Assistant Matthew Cicchillo, Communication and Social Media Director Ashley Renfro and Congressional Candidate Glenn Geissinger (left to right)


Celebrating St Patrick’s Day with our wonderful supporters in Girardville
Wonderful Geissinger for Congress supporters
Helping out at the Wind Gap Middle School Book Fair
The Geissinger Family


Matthew Cicchillo and Ashley Renfro building signs for the campaign
Geissinger for Congress car in the Stroudsburg St Patrick's Day Parade
Geissinger for Congress car in the Stroudsburg St Patrick’s Day Parade
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The Geissinger Family
Interviewed by Blue Ridge Cable
My great friend, Ron Ferrance
Lehigh Valley Tea Party Debate